About The Store

The Barnard Store, located on the first floor of the Diana Center in the heart of campus, opened in 2010. We proudly carry a wonderful collection of exclusive merchandise—t-shirts, bags, umbrellas, jewelry, baby onesies and bibs, and our signature item, the Barnard bear.

If you have an idea or design for possible merchandise, we’d love to discuss your idea and present it at our next advisory meeting. Please reach out via email (store@barnard.edu) to tell us a bit about your product and how it is connected to Barnard College.

Daily operations of the store are handled by a staff of 12 Barnard students: 4 from each class year. The Barnard Store staff is on hand to assist customers, keep the store clean and well-stocked, and bring a bit of Barnard spirit and pride to each and every transaction. Our lovely staff also steps in to model our merchandise on this website.

We hope you’ll visit and take a little bit of Barnard home with you.